Aviator Game Strategy in India

In any game there are always tactics, strategy and analysis of passed steps. In this review we tried to clarify the topic of what are the systems of the game in Aviator, strategies – we will tell in today’s review.

The Essence of the Game Aviator

Every player is familiar with a game called Aviator.  It is a game with airplanes that has innovative features, such as the ability to place two bets simultaneously.

But it is also worth understanding that the Aviator online game depends not only on luck and fortune, but also on attention, reaction time and self-control, the ability to stop in time and not to lose everything that has been bet. What is the idea of the game? The idea is that the higher your plane rises, the more you earn, but if the plane crashes, the player loses all his bets. This type of activity is suitable for the most daring, risky and confident players.

One-Bet Strategy

As we mentioned above, there are two playing strategies, but for beginners the best recommendation is to play one bet. When you are not yet an experienced player, it is impossible to keep track of all the important points. Here you will be focused on one bet, your attention will be focused on the object, which will keep the focus on the process under your control. So first determine the balance of the deposit, from which you start the game.

And the second, decide on a tactic, a strategy. The information on the Internet seems to be enough, but we tried to identify the most important, and in this review to present it in brief. There are three types of tactical moves:

  • Least risk tactic;
  • Moderate risk tactics;
  • Risky tactics.

The least risk tactic

Here it is proposed to play on small odds. But that will allow you to be in the game for a long time and not lose your money. Applying this tactic will minimize losses and slowly build up your balance. And then you can safely go to the tactic of moderate risk. Let’s take a look at it.

Moderate risk tactics

This tactic is recommended for those who have enough money on their balance, which is not afraid to lose. Here the game is already played at higher odds, x2-x3.

Risky tactics in Aviator

Not recommended for beginners. The tactic is tough, but it makes the most money. We need the coefficient of 100x, which according to statistics and observations falls in 60-70 minutes. After this pause, we enter the round. Also, we should check the flight history and the time when the airplane hit the coefficient from 100x (there is a screenshot on the right).

Aviator game strategy for 2 bets

The strategy is also applicable to the game of aviator. Here you will need more concentration and diligence. It is recommended to choose auto betting and moderate risk.

The first betOn multiplication x1.2  
Second betWatch moderate risk strategy for one  


Aviator is a new gambling game that allows you to quickly multiply the available balance from x2 to x100 or more in a short time. At the heart of the game “Aviator” is a random number generator, this algorithm creates a coefficient of random value, reaching which the round in the game ends.

Your main task as a player is to have time to place a bet or two (described strategy scenarios see above ) just before the start of the round, and then withdraw your winnings in the time until the plane reaches peak altitude.

The rulebook is the same for this game. But it should be understood that this is a game with a generator of numbers, and to build a single model that is suitable for different tactics will be almost unrealistic. But following the rules of safe betting for money allowed it to be safe and interesting to spend your leisure time.

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