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Trump ignored pleas to condemn Nick Fuentes and Kanye dinner – follow live

Kanye West releases 2024 campaign video after meeting with Trump

Leading Republicans have declined to criticise Donald Trump directly after he confirmed meeting at Mar-a-Lago with antisemitic rapper Kanye West, aka Ye, and his associate Nick Fuentes, one of the US’s most notorious white supremacist activists.

The former president has sharply criticised Mr West and ramped up his efforts to distance himself from their recent meeting, in which the disgraced artist apparently told Mr Trump he was running for president in 2024.

Mr Trump issued a statement via Truth Social calling the rapper a “seriously troubled man, who just happens to be black” and once again denied knowing Mr Fuentes, the white nationalist and racist who latched on to Mr West amid his increasingly erratic spiral into hate speech and the utter destruction of his musical career.

Meanwhile, Ye has continued to spread his version of the dinner, claiming that Donald Trump shouted at him in response to a proposal that the former president join Mr West as running mate.

One report says that Mr Trump ignored the pleas of his advisers to condemn Mr Fuentes.


Premium: Another controversy for Donald Trump that voters will struggle to shrug off

Recent polling suggests a significant number of Americans think the former president’s decision to make another run for the White House is a bad idea, writes Chris Stevenson.

Oliver O’Connell29 November 2022 04:00


What Trump’s family really think of a second term

What do Melania, Don Jr, Eric, Lara, Ivanka, Jared Kushner and Mary Trump think about the prospect of the former president launching another tilt at the White House in two years’ time, asks Joe Sommerlad.

Oliver O’Connell29 November 2022 03:00


HBO to air Nancy Pelosi doc shot by daughter Alexandra

A documentary on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s life and groundbreaking political career, shot and edited by her daughter, will debut on HBO next month.

Alexandra Pelosi’s “Pelosi in the House” will premiere Dec. 13 and will include footage shot during the Jan. 6 insurrection. Some of that footage, including moments when Nancy Pelos i was helping direct the government’s response as the U.S. Capitol was under attack, has been seen as part of a House investigation.


White nationalist Nick Fuentes tells far right to ‘dream bigger’ than Maga movement after Trump dinner

Days after meeting Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago alongside Kanye West, virulently antisemitic white nationalist livestreamer Nick Fuentes has underscored his far-right agenda to push the Republican Party even further right, believing that the former president’s so-called Make America Great Again movement no longer can be used as a vehicle for his far-right agenda.

Mr Fuentes, a relentless bigot whose authoritarian vision is to turn the GOP into a “truly reactionary party” grounded in white Christian nationalism, believes that Mr Trump’s campaign and his predicted GOP rival Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential nomination “are both inferior to the campaign that Trump ran in 2016.”

The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg has more:

John Bowden29 November 2022 01:45


Impeachment comes up during Trump Organization trial

There was talk of impeachment Monday at the Trump Organization’s criminal tax fraud trial — not former President Donald Trump‘s, which happened twice — but whether lawyers for his company were angling to impeach their own witness, longtime Trump accountant Donald Bender.

Defense lawyer Susan Necheles said Bender, a partner at Mazars USA LLP who spent years overseeing tax returns for Trump’s hundreds of entities, “surprised” her when he testified that he didn’t actually do much work on the company’s tax returns.

Michael R Sisak29 November 2022 01:00


Georgia on track to have a record day of early voting turnout in Senate runoff election

Georgia is on track to set a record for a single day of early voting for a runoff as the state holds its the runoff Senate election between Senator Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.

Many counties began voting early on Monday. Though some counties began voting over the weekend after a lawsuit from the Warnock campaign, the Georgia Democratic Party and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, others began accepting early votes on Monday.

The Independent’s Eric Garcia is following the race:

John Bowden29 November 2022 00:45


Pence says Trump was ‘wrong’ and showed ‘profoundly poor judgement’ by eating with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

“President Trump was wrong to give a white nationalist, an antisemite, and a Holocaust denier a seat at the table,” Mr Pence said in an interview on NewsNation on Monday.

Josh Marcus29 November 2022 00:14


John Bolton: Trump’s act is ‘old and tired’

John Bowden reports on what Mr Bolton said.

Oliver O’Connell29 November 2022 00:00


Another controversy for Donald Trump that voters will struggle to shrug off

Donald Trump’s latest controversy is another one that will weigh him down in future electoral contests, writes The Independent’s Chris Stevenson.

The former president already saw his party suffer a humiliating showing in this year’s midterms, picking up far fewer seats in the House and certainly the Senate than the party’s leaders predicted.

Now, he’s under fire for a meeting with Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist and anti-Jewish hatemongerer.

John Bowden28 November 2022 23:45


Donald Trump has officially jumped in for 2024. Who else is running?

Former President Donald Trump’s entrance into the 2024 presidential race has jump-started the GOP primary and led many to speculate whether Mr Trump’s early launch could crater before he has a shot at his party’s nomination.

The Independent’s Andrew Feinberg takes a look at how the field is shaping up so far:

Who is running for president in 2024?

With less than two years remaining until US voters will decide who will serve as president of the United States from January 2025 to January 2029, former Republican government officials are starting to jockey for position in the coming fight for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, while at least one prominent Democrat (California governor Gavin Newsom) has reportedly pledged not to challenge President Joe Biden in a Democratic primary.

John Bowden28 November 2022 23:15

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