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Britain’s top lawyers say they will refuse to prosecute climate activists

A group of top lawyers have declared they will refuse to prosecute climate activists.

Around 120 of Britain’s most eminent lawyers are set to sign a “Declaration of Conscience” stating they will not prosecute eco-protestors brought before the courts.

Prominent lawyers such as Joylon Maugham KC and Sir Geoffrey Bindman KC, and other members of the group “Lawyers are Responsible,” are among the potential signatories, according to the Daily Mail.

Mr Maugham is an activist lawyer who has challenged the Government on a number of issues including Brexit and PPE contracts, while Sir Geoffrey is one of Britain’s most renowned human rights lawyers, who is a member of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights.

It comes as groups such as Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil have caused disruption to vital public services and infrastructure in recent years, by blocking traffic and printing presses, and chaining themselves to oil refineries.

Other potential signatories include Tim Crosland, a former barrister and director of Plan B Earth, a group which mounts legal challenges against governments which fall foul of climate pledges, and Prof Leslie Thomas KC, who specialises in claims against the police.

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