Presumed consent for organ donation, accepted by Swiss government

This week, the Council of States, Switzerland’s upper house, followed parliament and approved presumed consent for organ donation in Switzerland, reported RTS.

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In response to an initiative launched to put the question of presumed consent of organ donation to Swiss voters, the Federal Council came up with a counterproposal that presumes consent but gives those close to a potential donor the right to refuse if they believe it is against the wishes of the individual.

This version favoured by the Federal Council already exists across much of Europe, including Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Finland, Norway, Italy, France and Spain.

The Federal Council’s counterproposal was approved by parliament by 150 votes to 34. This week, the Council of States approved it by 31 votes to 12. Now that it has been approved by parliament and the Council of States it will move to the next stage and closer to implementation.

In 2020, 72 people on a list of 519 waiting for organ transplants died in Switzerland.

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