Sylvia Lim surprised by ‘heartwarming’ photo of resident in unofficial WP face mask; Pritam Singh calls it ‘armour’

It’s always great to come across supporters when Members of Parliament go on their house visits, but a recent visit for Workers’ Party chair Sylvia Lim (Aljunied GCR) was particularly “heartwarming”.

Ms Lim posted a photo on her Instagram account of a man wearing a dark blue mask with the WP logo, a gold hammer in a red circle background, also outlined in gold.


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“Heartwarming, but that’s unofficial merchandise!” wrote Ms Lim.

She also took the opportunity to add that the party does make available official items for those who want to carry the WP colour and symbols.

The link the MP provided shows that supporters may buy a bag, a flag, two types of umbrellas, a cap, and the WP60 book, “Walking with Singapore.”

But Ms Lim was not the only one who appeared to be charmed by the mask, unofficial though it may be.

Mr Pritam Singh, Ms Lim’s fellow MP at Aljunied who is the Leader of the Opposition and the party’s Secretary-General, did not only like the photo but dropped a comment about it.

Since the supporter was wearing a shirt from popular sportswear brand Under Armour, Mr Singh wrote, “Armour above his Under Armour!”

And since the WP is not selling masks at this point, several netizens urged that it does so, with some appearing to like the way it looks.

Several netizens expressed the desire to buy the mask.

Something similar happened after the July 2020 General Election, when WP MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) made the word “cockles” famous again.

He caught the eye of netizens after sporting a black face mask that read, “Cockles” while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

In his first exposure in the national spotlight at the GE2020 Political Debate on July 1, just as the campaign period was beginning, Assoc Prof Lim gave new life to an almost forgotten phrase.

During the debate, Singapore Democratic Party’s Dr Chee Soon Juan highlighted inequalities in the education system. 

Assoc Prof Lim, an Associate Professor in Economics, said that, as an educator, what Dr Chee had said: “warms the cockles of my heart”.

And then, as the WP MP thanked residents after they were elected, he said it “warms the cockles of our hearts to be able to work for the people of Singapore, and for all Singaporeans,” holding up a finger heart as he spoke. 

A month after the GE, Dr Lim joked that he had been banned from saying “cockles” at Sengkang, but as it turned out, he was under no such ban from sporting articles that bore the word. /TISG

Jamus Lim posts photos of workout, but it’s his “Cockles” mask that catches netizens’ eyes

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