Stories you might’ve missed, Aug 19

27-year-old seeks girl for marriage of convenience to buy HDB BTO, asks if anyone ‘willing to hop into this “investment” plan’



A 27-year-old man who thought he had gamed the HDB BTO system took to social media looking for a girl to “marry on paper”.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers titled “HDB bTO investment plan”, the 27-year-old man wrote: “just want to ask is it possible to find a girl to marry on paper in order to buy a bto, then each of us pay 50% of the bto, with no intimate r/s involved, basically me or the girl can bring any guy/girl home”.

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Trying to pay for kopi with two 5-cents and other coins, man gets rejected, shown a notice citing the Currency Act


A man just trying to pay for his coffee at a coffee shop was told that the establishment did not accept 5-cent coins anymore.

In a post to public Facebook Group Voice Your Grievances, the man, a netizen by the name of Martin Gabriel, wrote: “I heard about this practice, but this is my first time encountering it. Told the seller that some other retailer gave me the coins”.

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‘$3K/month salary, job recruitment ad for 4-days-work-week at Changi Airport misleading’ — Netizens



A job advertisement appeared in a Malaysian newspaper, seeking Malaysian workers for Changi Airport in Singapore, working four days a week and earning a monthly salary of RM10,000 (S$3,000).

Some media reported that Changi Airport has posted a job advertisement recruiting Malaysian sales assistants and customer service specialists. The job advertisement mentioned that the interview will be held at a hotel in Johor Bahru this Friday (19 Aug).

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Woman asks how she should deal with her 40-year-old boyfriend with over 20 exes


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A woman with a rather promiscuous partner took to social media asking how she should deal with him.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that her 40-year-old boyfriend had over 20 past relationships. “I actually wish that he never told me about it”, the woman wrote.

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Dr Chee — a politician, thinker, writer, singer, and now a fledging restaurateur


It seems the way to a voter’s heart is through his stomach – or so it seemed while having a chat with Dr Chee at his new Orange & Teal express outlet at Marina Square. With his wife May in the background, Chee brought out his line-up of Panitas, a cross between Panini and Pita bread.

Chee went on to explain that Panita means your little friend in Spanish, an apt name for his dish, especially when he is at a full display of charm at his new outlet. He describes his dishes as comfort food and said that one should try out his Smoke Salmon Avacado on Pita Bread.

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