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SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development, Sim Ann, is reportedly being “hammered by the people” over a recent incident involving her allegedly disrespecting performing artists. Many netizens are weighing in on the matter online.

In recent news, Ms Sim has drawn ire after footage and pictures of her interacting with attendees of the WWF Earth Hour Festival at Esplanade event on March 25 during the performance of a singer not so far away. According to the news, some people have claimed that Ms Sim went so far as to talk on the phone loudly during the event and walked out in the middle of the performance.

Ms Sim has reportedly reached out to the artists to clarify things.

A netizen recently shared a news article about the incident online. And in response, netizens have shared their own two cents on the matter, with one even going so far as to say that Ms Sim “has lost touch with the people.”

“Low EQ,” said another, while a third said, “Artists were performing and yet you can come late and disturb the rest of the audience. Really no manners. Please have some respect to come earlier if you wanna shake hands with other people lah. Ministers paid millions to be guest of honor?”

One netizen urged, “Please have some social etiquette and be respectful to others. Stay humble!”

Another, however, called for people to “give Miss Sim Ann a break lah,” and said, “She already apologized to them for the unintended intrusion on the performance via phone call already. That itself speaks well of the minister. She is gracious…so should the music community.”

Image: FB screengrab / Umbrage Singapore

Image: FB screengrab / Sim Ann 沈颖

Image: FB screengrab / Sim Ann 沈颖

Image: FB screengrab / Sim Ann 沈颖

Image: FB screengrab / Sim Ann 沈颖

Image: FB screengrab / Sim Ann 沈颖

Image: FB screengrab / Sim Ann 沈颖

‘Even a child could see it was rude’ — Mr Brown rejects Sim Ann’s explanation for disrupting WWF event

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