Morning Digest, Aug 6

Grab delivery rider upset at being cut off by car, scolds wrong vehicle driver


Photo: FB screengrab/

A delivery rider was caught on camera approaching a vehicle he thought overtook him earlier.

After scolding the driver and asking if he knew how to drive, it appears that the rider was mistaken all along.

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Dee Kosh says ‘goodbye’ after receiving 32-week jail sentence — ‘And now it’s time to pay the price’


Photo: IG screengrab/deekosh

The two-year scandal involving Dee Kosh has resulted in a 32-week jail sentence for the YouTuber on Friday (Aug 5) over a number of sexual offences, which includes offering cash for sexual services to a male under the age of 18.

Darryl Ian Koshy, 33, entered a guilty plea in May to one charge of offering cash to a minor for sexual services and to another charge under the Children and Young Persons Act for the attempted sexual exploitation of a young person.

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OPINION | Singapore, a land of contradictions, at once progressive, at once stuck in the Middle Ages


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In many ways, Singapore has a stellar international reputation. It is seen as a hub of innovation and a forward-thinking rich nation in many ways.

Recently, the island nation even made global headlines for its creative idea of turning multi-storey car parks into farms – an effective use of space for land-scarce Singapore while also producing food!

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‘I thought LTK was going to start pumping out chin-ups’ — Low Thia Khiang wows netizens in WP’s first TikTok


Photo: TikTok screengrab/thehammertok

What better way to join TikTok than for WP OG Low Thia Khiang himself showing he’s in fighting form?

Singapore’s leading opposition party announced its entry into the world of TikTok with a video of the former WP chief on an Anchorvale estate walk.

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Good luck coming for 4D big win? Huge barn owl flies into kitchen of Sembawang Crescent flat just to ‘chill’ on the fridge


Photo: Screengrab/

A Singapore Barn Owl flew into a Sembawang Crescent flat this week, startling a mum and the family’s helper.

Luckily, the kids who live in the flat were already at school, since the residents described the owl as “very big” and added that the women had been frightened upon seeing it.

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