Customer waits 2 hours for Foodpanda order, Foodpanda cancelled order because customer didn’t pick up phone, but customer says no missed calls received

A Foodpanda customer waited two hours for her dinner to arrive and ended up with a cancelled transaction after customer service tried contacting her for redelivery multiple times to no avail. However, the customer never got any calls even though her registered number was correct.

“S**tty customer service, s**tty delivery service, don’t say I never think of rider hor. My address is correct one, phone number also correct, wrote a disappointed Jolin Aurora Cheng in a Facebook page Complaint Singapore post on Thursday (June 30).

Ms Cheng ordered a meal through Foodpanda on June 29 at 9 pm. Come 9:59 pm, the order’s status changed to “delivered.”

They opened their front door and found nothing. “Driver didn’t give proof of hanging it as well,” she noted.

Ms Cheng then contacted customer support and was told they would redeliver the item in 15 minutes.

Still, nothing arrived. When she contacted Foodpanda once more, the operator informed her that they couldn’t reach her, so they cancelled the redelivery.

“I had no missed calls, nothing from them, and my phone number was correct, so I asked for it again, and they told me they would arrange it.”

Another 15 minutes passed, and Ms Cheng still didn’t get her food. The operator had the same reason, wherein they couldn’t contact her. The order was eventually cancelled.

“Foodpanda, is this a joke to you? I waited two hours for my food to come and for you to spin me around like I was a joke to you,” wrote Ms Cheng.

She added that the “best part” was that the refund for her order would take 14 days.

Ms Cheng said in an update that Foodpanda called her again at 11:40 pm, although it was an automated call asking to rate their service. She received the same call twice.

Then at midnight, a customer service personnel reached out, insisting they had called her, but she didn’t pick up the phone.

Ms Cheng asked if they had chat records, but the operator “kept insisting” it was her who didn’t answer the call.

“I got agitated and guess what, the customer service personnel said, ‘What’s your problem?’”

The operator allegedly shouted at Ms Cheng and said, “No, you listen to me,” while she explained what happened.

“I told her I was recording the call, and she changed her tone to a nicer tone,” said Ms Cheng.

Members from the online community commented on going through similar experiences with ordering food for delivery.

“I kena the same thing on June 17,” said Facebook user Henny Ratna who ordered from Foodpanda.

He also received the “delivered” status, but nobody arrived. The rider “probably stole our food,” he said, noting that the rider couldn’t be contacted afterwards.”

“Initially, their customer service didn’t even wanna refund me, but I fought for the refund. Anyhow, wanna cheat people’s hard-earned money. Till now, I haven’t even received my refund.”

“Foodpanda’s service has gone bad nowadays. It’s becoming common nowadays,” noted Facebook user Priya Latha. /TISG

Letter to the Editor: “Please try not to cancel Food Delivery orders, we need time to look for parking, food outlets, and waiting for collection”

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