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Residents stopping vehicles that carried aid in Rancagoong, Cianjur Regency

CIANJUR, INDONESIA — Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) in its latest update on 25 November, report a total death count of 310 resulting from the Cianjur quake.

“The joint Search and Rescue team has discovered 17 bodies. The total death toll has reached 310 as of today. While 24 have not been found yet. We are still searching, but we have obtained their identities,” BNPB head Suharyanto stated in a press conference on 25 November.

Mr Suharyanto stated that logistics distribution for the affected residents has been going on smoothly, and also noted that the police have been assisting in the distribution of aid by individuals and mass organizations by escorting them.

“The logistics distribution has improved today. Some organizations want to distribute aid directly to refugees without getting through the aid post. We allowed them to do so under the police’s guardianship, aimed at preventing the blockade by locals who have yet to receive aid,” he said in reference to viral footage of impatient refugees blocking trucks carrying logistics.

On Thursday (24 Nov), the Cianjur Police detained three people for stopping vehicles that carried aid in Rancagoong, Cianjur Regency, after the video went viral on social media platforms.

The culprits have since apologized for their actions that worsened the situation.

Mr Suharyanto also shared that his department has discovered 110 refugee spots.

“Those refugee shelters are spread in 15 sub-districts. Of course, it takes a great effort to distribute aid. We hope the logistics distribution will improve as time goes by. And we can handle more than 60,000 residents who are seeking refugee,” he stated.

BNPB will continue to update the data on the number of refugees and damaged facilities.

The 5.6 magnitude quake hit Cianjur on 21 November and was felt in other cities in West Java, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Depok.

As of 25 November at 6 am, Indonesia’s Meteorology Body (BMKG) reported 236 aftershocks.

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