Rishi Sunak spent £500,000 in less than ten days on private jet flights

Government data showed UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took private jet trips costing almost £500,000, in just over a week.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Apr 1, 2023 10:26 IST

Rishi Sunak spent £500,000 in less than ten days on private jet flights

Rishi Sunak’s travels include trips to Egypt, Bali and Estonia. (Representative photo)

By India Today World Desk: In just over a week, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took private jet trips costing almost ã500,000, said a report by The Guardian, citing government data on expenses by the PM on overseas travel. The Opposition has slammed Sunak over the expenditure, saying it clashes with his pledges to curb climate change.

This comes after Sunak came under fire in January for taking a 30-minute private jet flight from London to visit a healthcare facility in Leeds.

The data produced by the Cabinet Office showed Rishi Sunak’s one-day visit to Egypt in November 2022 for the COP27 summit cost ã107,966 for private jet travel. A week later, on November 13, he went to the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia and came back on November 17, a round trip that cost more than ã340,000.

Shortly after, the UK prime minister took a day-long trip to Latvia and Estonia to visit troops, a trip that cost more than ã62,000.

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The data on overseas prime ministerial travel in the third quarter of 2022 also showed the cost of Liz Truss’s travel to Prague in October 2022, which amounted to almost ã40,000.

The Liberal Democrats hit out at Sunak over the expenses and said, “This is a shocking waste of taxpayers’ money at a time when people are struggling to pay their bills. Yet again this Conservative government is completely out of touch.

Wera Hobhouse, the party’s energy and climate spokesperson hit out at the government and said, “They can pretend to care about a greener future with their so-called ‘Green Day’, but in reality they do not care.”

The data also showed that nearly another ã20,000 was spent on other costs for the prime ministers, including accommodation, meals and visas. The costs do not include the costs for other officials who also went on the trips.

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A spokesperson for 10 Downing Street defended Sunak’s flights. “The role of the prime minister includes holding vital meetings with world leaders during bilateral visits and summits to discuss issues of international importance – including security, defence and trade,” the spokesperson was quoted by The Guardian as saying.

All the flights listed in the document involved an Airbus A-321 operated by the charter carrier Titan Airways on behalf of the UK government.

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