Jobs in JAPAN

The easiest and most effective way to go to work abroad is to receive an offer from a foreign company. In this case, the employer will help the employee arrange all the necessary documents. Traveling to a foreign country without knowing the language and not having specific offers from companies is much more difficult and risky.

Only qualified employees can receive an offer from an employer directly. Everyone else, most likely, will have to use the services of an intermediary, or go through the entire difficult path of finding a job on their own. The most popular vacancies among knowledge workers who find it easier to find work directly are IT specialists, advertisers, builders, marketers, engineers, doctors.

Highly qualified, and especially rare specialists, are in demand everywhere. People without work experience or qualifications can count on manual labor in the service sector, tourism, construction, manufacturing, and the agricultural sector. There are numerous jobs in JAPAN, among which can be found best variants for all the applicants.

Knowledge of language for work

Knowledge of the language may be a prerequisite for hiring, but may not be as important. For example, if you are going to move and work there as a doctor, the employer will not hire you without fluency in language. At the same time, if you work in Japan as a programmer, you only need basic knowledge of Japanese.

When working in the tourism sector in any country, knowledge of the English language will be required. Work as a maid, guide, transfer, animator, waiter, etc. means communication not only with tourists but also with employees of hotels, restaurants, and travel companies who speak only the local and English languages.

Is it possible to find a job abroad without the help of company?

Finding a job on your own is possible, but it will take much more time.

Positive aspects of living abroad:

1.   Widening horizons

Being in a foreign country for a long time, a person learns another culture and traditions, begins to understand historical events and their role in the life of the local population.

2.   Making new friends and acquaintances

Friendship and work relationships never get in the way, and there are never many of them.

3.   Immersion in the language environment

For a person who has never studied a language, 2–4 months of stay in the country is enough to communicate with colleagues at work and new friends at an everyday level.

4.   Good salaries

Even in a lower position, people sometimes receive more money abroad for their work than in their home country. The salary is enough for living and sending most of the amount home.

5.   Citizenship

Many people dream of obtaining the status of a citizen in a country with a high standard of living. Some people do it.

In-demand vacancies abroad

The most popular vacancies among qualified employees are doctors, builders, engineers, programmers, software developers, as well as pilots, flight attendants, and managers.

Without qualifications, you can get a job in production or on a farm, nannies, nurses, housekeepers are in demand.

To sum up

You have to leave for a long time, so you should assess your degree of attachment to your family before making a final decision. Getting used to foreign culture, traditions, people and working conditions does not always go smoothly. This requires a certain amount of time and a special warehouse of character.

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