‘This has saved us’: UK food banks on front line of cost of living crisis face soaring demand

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As Britain faces a cost of living crisis, the last of FRANCE 24’s series of special reports focuses on food banks, institutions that are on the front line of the fight against poverty. But the demand for their services is soaring these days and smaller charities, reliant on small donors, are feeling the pinch in these difficult times. Our reporters Julien Sauvaget and Clovis Casali went to a Salvation Army center in London’s East Ham neighbourhood.

At a Salvation Army food bank in London’s East Ham, which has the second highest child poverty rate in the UK, Nalal says she’s “excited” about a cabbage she’s picked up.

“I’m going to boil half of it and eat the other half raw,” she explains of her plans for her vegetable pick.

Nalal always worked, until she had a son three and a half years ago. Now she relies on Universal Credit, the UK’s social security payment scheme, and child benefits to survive.

But that is getting increasingly harder.

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