Europe now – Malta: Small islands, big issues for Europe (Part 2)

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Independent since 1964, Malta has been a member of both the European Union and NATO since 2004. FRANCE 24’s Europe team takes us to the smallest EU member state by both size and population, where our team looks into several areas in which these islands hold an important place in European affairs.

We ask why Malta is the only EU state where abortion is illegal in all circumstances, despite the fact that approximately 300 women terminate pregnancies in Malta each year.

Our team also meets one of the thousands of people who have made irregular crossings to Malta from North Africa to claim asylum in the EU, a Malta resident working to get migrant voices heard locally, and the executive director of the EU’s Agency for Asylum.

Watch Part 1 of Malta: Small islands, big issues for Europe

Show presented by Catherine Nicholson, produced by Johan Bodin, filmed on location by Stéphane Bodin, with Luke Brown.

In partnership with the European Union.

The action was co-financed by the European Union in the framework of the European Parliament’s grant programme in the field of communication. The European Parliament was not involved in its preparation and is, in no case, responsible for or bound by the information or opinions expressed in the context of this action. In accordance with applicable law, the authors, interviewed people, publishers or programme broadcasters are solely responsible. The European Parliament can also not be held liable for direct or indirect damage that may result from the implementation of the action.

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