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MyPillow Guy Pulls Millions In Ads From Fox News In Spat Over Conspiracy Theories

Fox News viewers may be about to see a big change on the air very soon: no more of the ubiquitous MyPillow ads. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that CEO Mike Lindell is unhappy with the right-wing network for refusing to air his latest ad.

“I am pulling everything!” Lindell told Salon, adding that the boycott begins “immediately.” 

The latest ad isn’t about his pillows. It’s about his coming “cyber symposium,” where he plans to disseminate more of his outlandish and disproved claims of election fraud, the Journal reported.

“Shame on you, Fox News,” he told Salon. “Shame on them!” 

Lindell has previously claimed that the symposium’s evidence will be so strong that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will resign and allow Donald Trump to return, apparently forgetting that such a double resignation would instead elevate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to the Oval Office, since she is next in line in the presidential succession. 

Fox News told The Wrap it was “unfortunate” that Lindell pulled the ads. 

The Journal said Lindell spent $50 million on ads on Fox News last year and has spent $19 million so far this year. 

“Things change, but right now I have no plans to ever advertise on Fox News again,” he told The Daily Beast

Lindell has been a loyal Fox News advertiser. Ads featuring him fluffing up pillows air so frequently that he’s practically one of the cable news network’s personalities.  

And he’s stuck with the network even when other companies did not.

Midway through 2020, The New York Times said MyPillow made up more than a third of the $75 million in ads spent on Tucker Carlson’s show, which has faced several advertiser revolts due to his racist and increasingly extremist rhetoric. 

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