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Another heat wave is coming. It won’t be as extreme as the last one

A heat wave is coming to Los Angeles County, with temperatures expected to reach triple digits next week from the beaches to the San Gabriel Valley.

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat watch on Saturday, advising residents to limit time spent outdoors and ensure that elderly people, children and pets have somewhere to escape the heat.

“The days to watch are Monday to Wednesday,” said David Sweet, a meteorologist at the weather service’s Oxnard office.

Beach areas of L.A. County should expect highs on Saturday from the mid-70s to mid-80s, Sweet said. Sunday will hit the upper 80s, with Monday’s high around 90 degrees.

Highs will be in the upper 80s in the beach areas Tuesday before possibly reaching 100 degrees on Wednesday, Sweet said.

The heat wave, which is expected to recede after Wednesday, will not be as extreme or as protracted as the one that blanketed the Southland for nine days earlier this month, Sweet said.

In the San Gabriel Valley, highs will range on Saturday from around 92 to 100 degrees, Sweet said, dropping to the mid-90s Sunday before rising to 101 in some places on Monday. On Tuesday, it could be as hot as 104 degrees, he said. Highs should drop to the mid-90s on Wednesday.

Sweet said there is no expectation of rain, unlike during the previous heat wave, when unusual storms showered the region. That rainfall was brought on by a tropical storm that came near the Southern California coast.

“Nothing like that this time,” Sweet said.

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