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The main benefits of continued use of the MASSAGE CHAIR are:
Activation of blood circulation
Muscle relaxation
Decreased muscle tension
Relief of muscle pain
Stimulation of metabolism
Relief of fatigue
Help to fall asleep naturally
Help to be in a better mood and active
Name: Massage chair
Voltage: 220V
Number of airbags: 62 groups
Rated power: 160W
Back stroke: 145cm
Standing size: 146 × 79 * 118cm
Applicable height: 150-190cm
Flat lay size: 180 × 79 × 88cm
N.W / G.W: 98 / 110KG
Packing size: 122X80 × 113cm
Function: Music function
Control method: computer type
Applicable parts: neck, waist, hips, legs, back, feet, head
Massage methods: stretching, shiatsu, tapping, slap, kneading, massage
Number of airbags: 61 and above
Massage chair / sofa function: massage intensity adjustment
Guide type: SL type guide
Movement type: 4D robot hand massage
Foot massage method: roller massage
Quantity: 1 piece
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Customer Reviews
Loving it
Warm and comfortable
Absolutely fantastic
Fantastic piece of kit
Extremely satisfied
It really does make a difference
I have only had the massage chair for a few days but OMG I could not now live without it! I bought the chair primarily for the neck massager but the whole thing is fantastic. I am

Customized massage program, goddess slimming mode, president health mode, relaxation mode, fatigue recovery mode, stretching mode, soreness improvement mode, easy massage mode, upper body massage mode, lower body massage mode, etc.
8 kinds of massage methods, deep massage, comfortable kneading, fine kneading, rhythm tapping, strong tapping, deep finger pressure, simultaneous kneading, comfortable kneading and other methods.
145cm double SL rail, fit the human body curve, covering all parts from neck to legs, and massage the whole body comfortably.
6-wheel manipulator, imitating the manual massage method, the intelligent model automatically retracts forward and backward 10cm.

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