Winter Olympics 2022: Team USA’s Casey Dawson will not be deterred on globe-crossing journey to Beijing

A fiasco with COVID-19 testing left American speedskater Casey Dawson unable to compete in the 5,000 meter event at the Winter Olympics — and stuck stateside — but he was determined to participate in his first Olympic Games no matter what and no matter how late he arrived.

On Sunday, Dawson began a journey halfway around the world, in hopes of arriving in China just hours before the 1,500 meter race on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old tested positive for the virus about three weeks ago, but was under the impression he would be able to make the trek if he produced two consecutive negative tests. He was then informed he needed four consecutive tests from approved testing sites.

Dawson was unable to get cleared in time to be there for his first race, but the Team USA athlete refused to miss out on the opportunity. After getting his fourth negative test on Saturday night, Dawson left Salt Lake City on Sunday morning for a flight to Atlanta. He then hopped on a red-eye to Paris — and will then get on another red-eye to Beijing.

If globetrotting was an Olympic sport, Dawson would most certainly get the gold medal.

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