Verstappen explains “absurd” F1 sim in private jet story

Red Bull motor sport advisor Marko made the claim in a recent TV interview while discussing the Dutchman’s appearance in the Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours and his dedication to driving whenever he can.

The simulator in a plane story was subsequently widely reported, but Verstappen says what he actually told Marko last year was that he will have one installed in the new motorhome that he is taking to races in Europe this season.

“That was Helmut I think who said that, but I think he misunderstood, because I was talking to him last year,” said Verstappen.

“I’m building a new motorhome for travelling through Europe to the F1 races and I said I will install one there because I just can keep on driving when I’m back in the evening.

“Because I like it, it’s my hobby in a way, and it just keeps you sharp as well. So I think he misunderstood, and he said plane! So I’m not installing one in my plane. I think that will be a bit absurd.”

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren

Photo by: Simon Galloway / Motorsport Images

In a similar case of crossed wires, photographs of Oscar Piastri driving a McLaren road car on the streets of Melbourne emerged on Reddit recently, with the poster claiming that Daniel Ricciardo was in the passenger seat.

The pictures were subsequently used by media outlets – including the Daily Mail – as evidence that the two men have established a friendship despite Ricciardo being dropped by McLaren in favour of his younger countryman.

However, Ricciardo says it wasn’t him in the pictures and he hasn’t met Piastri in person during the off-season.

“For the record, that was a meme,” said the new Red Bull third driver. “I think he was in a McLaren with someone that kind of look like me, so everyone was like, ‘Oh Daniel’s giving Oscar driving tips,’ or something like that!

“But no, it wasn’t me, so I wasn’t with him in person. But we spoke a little bit towards the end of last year.”

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