Gasly: Team agrees we made wrong F1 tyre call in Singapore GP

Gasly was one of the first drivers to abandon intermediates on the drying track, but the decision dropped him several places as those who stayed out continued to lap quickly.

He eventually finished 10th, while late stoppers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo – both behind the Frenchman when he pitted – earned fourth and fifth.

After the race, Gasly criticised the decision to stop and lose track position and bemoaned the lack of communication with the pitwall. However, since then he’s been able to discuss the issues with his engineers.

“Obviously, you know how competitive we all are,” he said when asked by about his Singapore disappointment. “And when we have a big result that, and I truly believe we could have equalled our best result of the year with a fifth place, looking at where Daniel finished, obviously I was extremely disappointed.

“So, we looked at everything. It was pretty clear what we did wrong, and we should have stayed out for a couple more laps. And we discussed everything through. And once it’s done, unfortunately, you can’t change the outcome. It’s done and we move on from that.”

Gasly conceded that the team had done the best with the data that it had at the time: “I mean, they did it based on some, based on some information. But I think we all agree, unfortunately, it wasn’t the right thing to do with hindsight.

Pierre Gasly, Scuderia AlphaTauri, on the pit wall

Photo by: Simon Galloway / Motorsport Images

“It’s obviously very, very tricky. I’m not underestimating how much things are going on, on a pit wall in this kind of situation, drying track, etcetera. But for sure, I think we all know we could have dealt with that situation better, and could have taken better decisions.

“Yeah, we went through everything with all the team. And I think that if we had to do it again, we’d do it differently, for sure.”

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Gasly is expected to be announced as an Alpine driver in the coming days, although he continues to decline to comment on the subject. He insists that nothing has changed in the way he works at the team that he remains contracted to.

“At the moment that’s based on the contract. And as I said, it’s all signed for next year.

“And I don’t see the point of changing the approach, but I just guess the faster there is a decision, the better it is for everybody involved and including myself that you know exactly in which direction you’re heading.”


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