Wasim Akram reveals why he never considered coaching the Pakistan cricket team

Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has opened up on his decision of never considering coaching the national cricket team. Akram said that Pakistan’s coaches often face much criticism along with abuse and hate.

Akram said that he is completely fine with the criticism but can not tolerate the hate and abuse that both captain and coach have to bear, especially on social media platforms. The former international cricketer reckoned that some people only spread negativity before adding that coaching in league cricket is a different ball game. Notably, Akram is the coach of Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

“I can accept criticism if the team is not doing well. But in Pakistan cricket, it is intolerable the way the captain and coaches are not only criticised but also abused by everyone. The abuse and, at times, hate which the captain and coach have to bear, I don’t think I am up to it. I don’t have that tolerance level, especially when it comes to the use of social media. They are some people who, I think, only sit on Twitter day and night to send out negative comments. League cricket is different, the pressure and expectation levels are different, which is why I am involved with the Karachi Kings side in the PSL,” Akram said, as quoted by NDTV.

Akram also spoke about the current scenario in Pakistan cricket and suggested not getting rid of Babar Azam as the captain. The former cricketer observed that Babar will get better as he is a natural captain and a leader.

“I think it will be a mistake. Because even if you change him as captain in any format, it is not going to make any difference. What are the options. (It’s) best if he is supported by all of us, including the board. He is young, and he will get better as captain. My thinking is that no one is born a natural captain and leader, these things come with time and experience,” added Akram.

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