Master plan-based development model for all Muzrai temples soon

The BJP government will implement a master plan-based development model in all Muzrai temples in the State, Minister Shashikala Jolle said in Belagavi on Thursday.

She told journalists that works will begin soon after the budget session. “It will include removal of encroachments, cleaning and infrastructure development of temple premises,” she said.

She said that an encroachment removal drive will cover temples and wakf land. The Saundatti Yallamma temple will get additional funds, she added.

“The Kashi Yatre scheme that subsidises travel to Varanasi and other places has been suspended due to extreme cold climate in North India. It will be restarted,” she said.

IVF centre

Meanwhile, Examba-based Jolle Foundation, to which the Minister’s family makes contribution, has set up an invitro fertilisation centre at the Adrushya Kadasiddeshwar Math in Kanheri, Kolhapur of Maharashtra. It will be inaugurated on Sunday.

The Jolle Foundation has donated ₹4.5 crore to set up the charity hospital. It is equipped with hi-tech equipment donated by philanthropists. It will treat patients using modern medicine along with Yoga and Ayurveda, she said. The cost of invitro fertilisation has been fixed at ₹70,000 instead of the prevailing rates of ₹2 lakh-₹3 lakh in corporate hospitals, she said.

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