Bihar students forced to carry stacks of books on head from govt office to school, headmasters suspended

Students of government schools in Samastipur were forced to carry bundles of books on their heads.

Students were forced to carry books on their head in Bihar. (Image: India Today)

Students of two government schools were forced to carry stacks of books on their heads. The students were allegedly asked by the headmasters to carry books from a government office.

The incident took place in Bihar’s Samastiput district. The headmasters of Hanumannagar Middle School and Narayanpur Middle School allegedly forced the students in their school to carry bundles of books on their heads.

Images showed students carrying books in sacks on their heads. The students were reportedly forced to travel for over a kilometer with the burden. One of the teachers alleged that they were asked by the school headmaster to send the books via students. Another teacher said that they were now old and so they asked the students to carry the books.

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The videos of the incident raised questions as to why were the students forced to carry out these tasks? Did the school not have enough funds to hire a rickshaw or a cart?

Meanwhile, in view of the viral videos, the authorities quickly jumped into action and suspended the headmasters of the two schools with immediate effect.


In Bihar, the education Department is running a program called ‘Chahak’. And accordingly, the department had sent the bundles of the book to BRC Bhawan Mohiuddinnagar.

From here, under the supervision of the BEO, these books were to be sent to all the government schools in the block.

The headmaster of Narayanpur Middle School directed the students of his schools to bring the bundles of books from BRC Bhavan to the school.

Meanwhile, after the incident came to light, the education team was quick to take action. On the instructions of the District Education Officer, a letter was issued on September 23, asking for clarification from the BEO. The District Program Officer (DPO) suspended the headmaster Suchitra Rekha Rai, in-charge of Hanumannagar Middle School, and Suresh Paswan, the head teacher of Narayanpur Middle School.

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