PRØVOST Unveils Immersive Techno EP ‘Dream Interpretation’  | Your EDM

With a number of albums already under his belt, Brooklyn-based DJ and producer PRØVOST is taking over the world of techno with his immersive music, all while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The co-founder of Techno Brooklyn and Techno Brooklyn Records, PRØVOST is one of the most active figures within his community, and his latest EP ‘Dream Interpretation’ marks yet another fine addition to his catalog.

Comprised of two dancefloor-ready gems, ‘Dream Interpretation’ brings together PRØVOST’s best production qualities, and further solidifies him as a tastemaker to watch. Kicking off the two-track sequence, title track “Dream Interpretation” starts off with groovy drum work and fast-paced hiatus, before transitioning into a minimal and glitchy sequence of melodies and effects. “El Yunque” on the other hand follows an ever-evolving arrangement over its 8-minute duration, driven by incredible synth-work and ambient textures.

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