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Maxinne demonstrates exceptional quality in her debut album Red Alert, out now on Toolroom.

The album is the culmination of Maxinne’s career thus far, celebrating her strengths through empowering and uplifting music. Red Alert not only stands for the album in this moment, but a vision for the future — as Maxinne expresses plans for an entire brand, club nights, radio shows and beyond.

Red Alert works in an abundance of classic house elements, delivered in new and exciting ways for the modern dance floor. Driving rhythms, hypnotic vocals, and Maxinne’s own unique flair control this body of work, making for a refreshing listen from start to finish.

The album enlists vocalists such as Lauren L’aimant, Moya, Hayla, Cami Jones, Marck Jamz, Flipside and DJ Rae, who make appearances throughout the album. There are also some high-profile collaborations from Gene Farris and Mark Knight who, bring their knowledge, experience, and maturity to the album.

Red Alert is the perfect excuse to free your mind and get completely lost in the music. Listen here!

Maxinne – Red Alert


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