Boys Noize Stuns with Thrilling, Career-Defining Album ‘+/-‘ [MUST LISTEN]

+/- (Polarity), the brand new album from Boys Noize has arrived and it’s a thrilling, magnetic ride based on the idea of opposites attracting.

Spanning 15 total tracks, the enthralling body of work “encapsulates a distillation of his career-to-date in waveform shape.” Star-studded collaborations, immersive soundscapes, meticulous sound design, and raw, unexpected moments are all part of the experience, with the producer’s innovative approach to modular synthesis on full display.

I’ve always been inspired by trying to integrate opposing, polar forces. There’s something really thrilling in it, and it’s always a secret motivation for me; building and exploring the combination of contrasts. Techno’s earliest inspiration was the idea of combining man and machine. And you can continue from there—aggression and beauty, past and future… – Boys Noize

Collaborations with Kelsey Lu, Rico Nasty, Ghost Culture, ABRA, Jake Shears, Corbin, Tommy Cash, Chilly Gonzales and Vinson shake up the mix, offering an unprecedented range of sounds, speeds and styles only Boys Noize could convey so eloquently.

The album dives into the polar tension between the musical styles and worlds I find myself in. When you combine opposites, something transcendent can take place, something greater than the two parts. And with music, it becomes a magic that can create new worlds. – Boys Noize

To celebrate the new era of music, Boys Noize will host a +/- album launch live stream tonight from 9 – 12 PM PST, 12 – 3 AM EST. Tune it at

Listen to +/- here!

Boys Noize – +/-


  1. Close
  2. Love & Validation (feat. Kelsey Lu)
  3. Girl Crush (feat. Rico Nasty)
  4. Greenpoint
  5. Polarity (feat. Ghost Culture)
  6. XYXY
  7. Affection with ABRA
  8. All I Want (feat. Jake Shears)
  9. Detune
  10. IU (feat. Corbin)
  11. Xpress Yourself
  12. Sperm
  13. Nude (feat. Tommy Cash)
  14. Ride Or Die with Kesley Lu (feat. Chilly Gonzales)
  15. Act9 (feat. Vinson)


Photo Credit: Shane McCauley / Album Art: Eric Timothy Carlson

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