Will the Janine/Gregory Ship Finally Sail on ‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 2?

Editor’s note: The below contains spoilers for Season 2 of Abbott Elementary.The much-awaited Season 2 of Abbott Elementary premiered last month, offering fans a reunion with everyone’s favorite teachers and their students as they head back to school — and with a 22-episode season confirmed, it is bound to be extra interesting and fun. The award-winning sitcom follows a group of teachers from Willard R. Abbott Elementary School in Philadelphia including its main character, Janine Teagues —played by the show’s creator Quinta Brunson — as they navigate the life of being a teacher in an underfunded school. The cast also includes Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams), Ava Coleman (Janelle James), Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), Chris Perfetti (Jacob Hill), and, of course, Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph).


There are a couple of things that fans want to see in the new season, but perhaps one of the most anticipated is finding out the fate of Janine and Gregory’s relationship. Will the two teachers finally be a couple?

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What Happened Between Janine and Gregory in Season 1?

The hit workplace mockumentary sitcom has been hinting at the possibility of Janine and Gregory as a couple since Season 1, with the chemistry between them clear from the start. Gregory is first introduced as a substitute teacher at Abbott Elementary School, as well as a reserved, serious guy who is determined to strictly follow the rules. Meanwhile, Janine is a happy-go-lucky, energetic presence who wants to do everything she can to make her students and her fellow teachers happy. These two hard-working teachers are the complete opposite, personality-wise, yet they make perfect sense together. Gregory even has a crush on Janine, which makes it all the more wholesome and adorable.

As the first season continues, the possibility of Janine and Gregory as a couple becomes even more evident thanks to the cute and subtle moments that they share. One instance in Episode 8 follows Janine wanting to have a better working relationship with her co-workers. However, she ends up on the receiving end of jokes and scorn when she says that she has been with her boyfriend Tariq for over a decade. Upset, she leaves the school and Gregory rushes to follow her, grabbing an umbrella and sheltering Janine from the pouring rain.

In that scene, Gregory tells Janine that she shouldn’t care about what other people may think about her choices; what really only matters is what she thinks. Surprisingly, Gregory tells her how his father, a lieutenant, doesn’t like his profession as a teacher and is even persuading him to leave his current position. He then asks if Janine is happy with Tariq. The short but incredibly sweet scene is perhaps the moment that many fans consider as big proof of the potential of their relationship.

When Season 2 begins, Janine has been trying to move on from her breakup with Tariq. In the episode that follows, Gregory also struggles to break up with his girlfriend Taylor (Iyana Halley), aka Barbara’s daughter, before Taylor beats him to the punch and dumps him first. With both characters now single, there’s even more possibility for a future romance.

What Can We Expect Next?

The new season of Abbott Elementary only has two episodes out so far, so it’s only safe to assume that we may not see Janine and Gregory in a relationship any time soon, but judging by how the series has been setting it up early on, it is certainly something to look forward to. With the season having 22 episodes —which is a huge feat in itself — there’s sure to be many will-they-won’t-theys, secret and fond looks, and Abbott-brand chaos. While we can’t say for certain what will happen, we do know that Janine and Gregory ending up together would make them an unstoppable power couple.

Season 2 of Abbott Elementary airs on Wednesdays on ABC. If you have been seeing posts about Janine and Gregory and want to join in on the fun, Season 1 of the hit show can now be streamed on Hulu, with Season 2 episodes dropping Thursday on the streamer.

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