‘Wednesday’ Episode 7 Recap: You Can’t Hyde From the Truth

In the previous episode of Wednesday, things took a morbid turn when Jericho’s mayor (Tommie Earl Jenkins) fell victim to a serial killer just as he was about to uncover the truth. By investigating the monster who preys on the woods around Nevermore Academy, Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) also discovered the creature was somehow related to her, as there were pictures of the goth girl hidden inside Laurel Gates’ old music box. In Episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe By Now,” all the puzzle pieces fall into Wednesday’s lap. Unfortunately, the girl has trouble fitting everything together, and her impulsiveness might cause even more suffering for an innocent person.


Not everything is hopeless in Episode 7, though, as Wednesday mends some of the relationships she almost destroyed due to her antisocial behavior. Episode 7 also features a fan-favorite Addams character, as Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen) brings his electrifying personality to Nevermore. And thanks to Fester’s guidance, Wednesday figures out who the monster really is.

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Fester than Lightning

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Episode 7 begins at Mayor Walker’s funeral, as the whole town of Jericho and all the people from Nevermore Academy gather to say farewell. Wednesday is convinced the killer is also there somewhere, hiding in the crowd with a mask of fake sympathy. So, when the girl spots a suspicious figure lurking in the nearby trees, Wednesday rushes to catch the monster. However, when she finally meets the stranger, she finds out the man is not the killer, but instead her Uncle Fester. Fester is hiding from the authorities after a bank robbery and decides Nevermore would be the perfect place to wait for the dust to settle. During his surprise visit, Fester can also check on his favorite niece and help her with her investigation.

After Wednesday updates Fester about the investigation and show her uncle Xavier’s (Percy Hynes White) drawings, he immediately recognizes the monster as a Hyde. As Fester tells Wednesday, Hydes are among the most dangerous and brutal outcasts that roam the world. Wednesday tells her uncle she never found any information about Hydes in Nevermore’s library, which should be the best place to learn anything about all kinds of outcasts. Fester then reveals that there’s a secret diary written by Nathaniel Falkner, Nevermore’s founder, that’s currently kept in a safe in the Nightshades’ headquarters. Since Falkner traveled the world studying outcasts, his diary could have more clues about how to deal with a Hyde.

While Wednesday prepares to break into the Nightshades safe with Uncle Fester, Enid (Emma Myers) returns to her old room to look for nail polish. Wednesday points out how Enid has been coming back for random objects the whole day. The two of them get into a fight, listing all the annoying things one does to the other, and while their words can be mean, it’s clear that they miss each other. Unfortunately, Wednesday is too stubborn to admit she sees Enid as a friend. Wednesday also fights with Xavier on the same evening at the Nightshades’ headquarters. The boy is sick of Wednesday trying to pin the blame for the murders on him, but as Wednesday underlines, Xavier conveniently showed up at each crime scene just after the monster vanished. With all her friends angry at her, there’s not much left to do than to keep her investigation going.

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With the help of Thing (Victor Dorobantu), Wednesday cracks the Nightshades’ safe and retrieves Falkner’s diary. The book has a whole chapter about Hydes, revealing they are naturally artistic and usually unaware of their powers. While the monstrous form of the Hyde can emerge independently, it can also be released by hypnosis or using chemicals. In that case, the Hyde becomes bound to the person who awoke them, serving them blindly for all their lives. After that reveal, Wednesday understands better what’s happening, as she’s after two killers, not one. There’s the Hyde, a bloodthirsty force of nature, and the creature’s master, who explored the outcast to do their dirty deeds.

Back in her dorm room, Wednesday learns from Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) that Enid filled out for a permanent transfer. Marilyn begs Wednesday to recognize they are friends and that she should be aware of her feelings. The girl is too proud to say sorry, though, and give her blessing to Enid to move away from their room.

The following day, Wednesday and Fester put a tracker on Xavier and follow the boy, hoping he might reveal the identity of his master. Xavier meets Dr. Kinbott (Riki Lindhome) in an isolated place, entering her car to have a private therapy session. Wednesday is convinced the psychologist is behind the attacks and that Xavier is the Hyde, and rushes back to Nevermore to tell headmaster Weems (Gwendoline Christie). However, when she gets to Weems’ office, Dr. Kinbott is there, telling the headmaster how therapy didn’t work for the goth girl and that she’ll send a negative report to the judge. Wednesday asks the psychologist if she knows hypnotherapy and says she would be ready to try a different methodology. Dr. Kinbott sees Wednesday’s inquiries as a positive sign, but Wednesday only wanted to double-check if the psychologist was equipped to awaken a Hyde. With the identity of the monsters revealed, Wednesday only needs to figure out why Dr. Kinbott is after her.

Love Hurts

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The following morning, Wednesday takes Fester to the Weathervane to discuss the case. There, she meets Tyler (Hunter Doohan), who asks her out on a date. Wednesday has more pressing matters to attend to, but she can no longer ignore she likes the boy. So, she agrees to meet Tyler at Crackstone’s Crypt in the evening. When the time comes, Wednesday leaves Thing guarding Falkner’s diary back at her dorm room and goes to the crypt. There, she discovers Tyler prepared the crypt with lights and a pillow so they could picnic by the side of the dead. He also found a projector so they could watch horror movies together – which in Wednesday’s case, is Legally Blonde. The date goes like a dream, but Sheriff Galpin (Jamie McShane) bursts into the crypt when they are about to kiss. The law officer thought the strange movement at the crypt could indicate a dangerous fugitive, Fester, could be hiding there.

While Wednesday’s date with Tyler goes perfectly, the night ends with tragedy. When Wednesday returns to her room, she finds out someone has broken in, destroyed all her stuff, and stolen Falkner’s diary. What’s worse is that the attacker stabbed Thing, pinning the hand against a wall. Wednesday removes the blase from Thing and takes her companion to the Hive, where Fester is hiding from the police. Using his electric powers, Festers tries to resurrect Thing. During the procedure, Wednesday shows her feelings and how the idea of losing Thing affects her. Thing reacts to Fester’s shocks after listening to Wednesday’s plead. Unfortunately, he was stabbed in the back, and couldn’t identify the assailant. Wednesday tells Fester the police are after him, and he should leave, and lets Thing heal in the Hive, promising to take revenge on the people who attacked him.

Thing’s almost death is a tragedy, but at least it serves to patch things up with Enid, who comes back to her room and tells Wednesday someone needs to take care of the Addams, lest they end up dead. It’s Enid’s way of saying she misses Wednesday. The goth girl also lets Enid know she’s welcomed in her own dark way. And just like that, they are friends once more and ready to stick together no matter what.

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Wednesday gets the last information she needs when Bianca (Joy Sunday) and Lucas (Iman Marson) tell her the mayor was looking into Laurel Gates’ mysterious death when he was murdered. As it turns out, no one ever found the girl’s body after she supposedly drowned, and the old Gates Mansion was bought by a mysterious person named Teresa L. Glau, an acronym for Laurel Gates. That means the Hyde’s master is Laurel Gates, coming back to Jericho to avenge her family’s death and get back at the Addams, who she blames for her brother’s murder.

Wednesday goes to Dr. Kinbott’s office and accuses the psychologist of being Laurel and using hypnosis to control Xavier. After the goth girl leaves Dr. Kinbott’s office, the monster attacks and kills her. Then, Wednesday takes Sherriff Galpin to Xavier’s art studio, where a big painting of Dr. Kinbott is ripped by the monster. Inside Xavier’s shed, Wednesday and the police also find objects from all of the Hyde’s previous victims. The boy is arrested for murder, and Wednesday is happy to be proved right and figure out everything on her own. However, once she meets Tyler to celebrate her victory and finally kisses the boy, she gets another vision. In her trance, Wednesday sees Tyler killing Dr. Kinbott, which means her crush is actually the Hyde, Xavier was innocent, and the creature’s master is still on the loose.

The final episode will pull the curtain and reveal who is the Hyde’s master, but we also hope it gives Tyler some closure. The boy seems unaware of his crimes, and if that’s the case, maybe Wednesday can find a way to help an explored outcast.

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