Shaman King Anime Adds Two New Cast Members


Two new cast members have officially joined the Shaman King anime ahead of the premiere of its latest arc later this week.

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The two new cast members (via Anime News Network) are Kotono Mitsuishi, who will portray Sati, the leader of the Gandhara group and one of the three great powers in the Shaman Fights, and Eri Kitamura, who will take on the role as Pascal Avaf, a 1,000-year-old Olmec spirit and the second guardian ghost of Chocolove McDonell.

Alongside the cast member announcements, the official website of Shaman King was also updated with a brand new key visual for the upcoming Five Warriors arc that will premiere on December 2, 2021.

You can check out the new key visual for the series and character art for the two new characters below:

Shaman King began streaming earlier this year and has already aired 33 of its planned 52 episodes. The series began streaming on Netflix worldwide in August, for those who are unable to watch it live. This current anime series is the second incarnation of the manga, with the first series debuting in 2001, but being forced to deviate from the original source material as the manga was still being serialized at the time. The 2021 version of the anime will adapt the manga as a whole, making for a more definitive adaptation this time around.

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“Shamans are extraordinary individuals with the ability to communicate with ghosts, spirits, and gods, which are invisible to ordinary people,” reads the official synopsis for the manga. “The Shaman Fight—a prestigious tournament pitting shamans from all over the world against each other—is held every five hundred years, where the winner is crowned Shaman King. This title allows the current incumbent to call upon the Great Spirit and shape the world as they see fit.”

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