Mondo Restocks ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Vinyl to Celebrate Outbreak Day

Happy Outbreak Day Last of Us fans! September 26, 2013, is the day in the game where the Cordyceps Virus and the Clickers took over. This annual celebration always comes with a ton of exciting announcements pertaining to this popular horror franchise. This year’s big news was the first trailer for HBO’s The Last of Us series. However, if you can’t wait for 2023, and you’re a music fan, Mondo has announced that they have restocked The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities vinyl for this special day.

The Vinyl is a companion piece to the game’s original soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla and Mac Quayle. The EP includes five covers from Part II and its marketing. The tracks include “Future Days” performed by Troy Baker, “True Faiths”(Inspired by Lotte Kestner‘s Cover) preformed by Ashley Johnson and Chris Rondinella, “Through The Valley” performed by Johnson and Rondinella, “Take On Me” performed by Johnson and Rondinella, and “Wayfaring Stranger” performed by Johnson and Baker. The Vinyl features artwork of Ellie’s guitar from Dani Pendergast and liner notes by the game’s Director Neil Druckmann.


The Last of Us Part II, like its brilliant original, is one of the best games ever made. It’s a brutal horror experience with intense themes surrounding the cycles of violence and the monsters we create, making it one of the most emotionally dark stories ever told. Druckmann and his team, Naughty Dog, crafted a 25-hour terrifying page-turner, from its thrilling gameplay to its stunning visuals to its rich characters and writing. Joel and Ellie, played flawlessly by Baker and Johnson, are two of the best duos in all of gaming.

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The Last of Us Part II’s soundtrack and marketing campaign was undeniably applaudable. Whether it was “Through the Valley” that Ellie somberly sang in the game’s announcement trailer or the epic CGI “True Faiths” trailer, music plays such an integral part in this universe. Music connects Ellie to Joel and in Part II it strengthens the loving bond between Ellie and Dina. In one of the best segments in the game, Ellie plays “Take On Me” to Dina in a record shop they found on their journey to Seattle. It’s one of the most emotional parts of a game full of tear-jerking moments. However, once you get to the end credits and “Wayfaring Stranger” starts to play, you’ll need most likely a therapist.

To relive your heartbreaking trauma, you can order The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities vinyl on Mondo’s website. You can also watch the new trailer for HBO’s The Last of Us down below.

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