How to Watch ‘Irreverent’ Starring Colin Donnell

Irreverent is an Australian drama television series that centers on a chaotic priest as he tries to adjust to small-town life and struggles to attempt to find some common ground with the quirky residents of a remote Australian town in Far North Queensland. The catch? Reverend “Boyd” is in fact a criminal named Paulo, and he’s on the run from some very angry people after a heist gone wrong results in the death of a well-known gang member. Can Paulo stay hidden on the “other side of the planet” in Australia, or will his past catch up with him and result in deadly consequences?

Colin Donnell (Chicago Med) plays the lead role of Paulo/Reverend Boyd. Joining him are P. J. Byrne (The Wolf of Wall Street) as the real Reverend Mackenzie Boyd, Wayne Blair (director of 2012 musical comedy-drama The Sapphires) as Peter, Rake‘s Russell Dykstra as Lester, and Robert Rabiah (Face to Face) as Farah. Wentworth alumnus Susie Porter will play Agnes, and her role in this project will be the second time she has collaborated with Wentworth and Irreverent writer Andrew Anastasios.


Irreverent begins in the United States, where criminal mediator Paulo goes on the run after accidentally causing the death of a well-known gang member. The gang member’s various family members and associates get wind of what has happened and vow that when Paulo “comes up for air” from wherever he is hiding, they will cut off his head. Having no other choice, Paulo flees the country and decides to hide in the most remote place he can think of – which happens to be a tiny town named Clump in Far North Queensland, Australia. Now calling himself Reverend Boyd, Paulo arrives in the Australian town in a chaotic fashion, and the cultural differences between himself and the quirky residents are glaringly and hilariously obvious from the start. Keep reading to find out how to watch Irreverent.

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When and Where to Watch Irreverent?

Filming and post-production on the series are now complete, and a release date for Irreverent has been announced. In the United States, Irreverent’s ten-episode season will premiere exclusively on Peacock on November 30, 2022. In Australia and New Zealand, Irreverent will premiere exclusively on Netflix on the same day. All ten episodes currently seem to be releasing together so this should make for some fun binging.

Peacock released a trailer for Irreverent on their official YouTube channel on November 1, 2022. In the trailer, we see Paulo’s high-stakes plan go terribly wrong. Having no other choice, he boards a plane headed for “the other side of the planet” – a small town in Far North Queensland, Australia. While traveling, Paulo meets Reverend Mackenzie Boyd. The next sequence of events is a little confusing, but the next time we see Paulo, he’s the one wearing the robes and referring to himself as Reverend Boyd.

We’re unsure at present just how dark this show is going to get, but we can make an educated guess that Paulo didn’t get the Father’s robes by asking nicely. Meanwhile, in the town of Clump, the residents prepare for the new Reverend’s arrival who they believe will be a “lightning rod” for the town. Paulo – now going by Mack – arrives in Clump with a bang, and his interactions with the quirky residents make for some light-hearted humor among the darker themes. Will the new Reverend Boyd be ostracized by his new flock, or will he manage to find a home amidst the mayhem?

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