Halo Infinite Live-Action Trailer Showcases Heroes Rising Up

Over the years, Halo has become known for producing some incredible live-action ads for its upcoming games, and Microsoft and 343 Industries have done it again with their latest ad for Halo Infinite.

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Dubbed “Forever We Fight,” this trailer highlights various people showcasing acts of bravery and heroism. The trailer kickstarts with a sheepherder defending his flock — and brother — from wolves before traveling forward in time to a woman defending her home while a soldier is being treated. The scenes cut between various acts of heroism before traveling further into the future, where we see Master Chief overlooking a battlefield before diving in.

“Throughout human history, heroes have risen when called upon,” reads the tagline for the new trailer. “The Master Chief carries each act of bravery with him into his most challenging battle yet. We’ve always believed in heroes, it’s time to become one.”

The latest trailer follows in the long line of live-action trailers that Microsoft has employed for promoting Halo, with nearly every Halo game having done one leading up to the launch of the title. Some of the most memorable trailers include the Halo 3: ODSTWe Are ODST” trailer, Halo: Reach‘s “Deliver Hope” trailer, and more.

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With just over a week to go until Halo Infinite‘s launch on December 8, the game is already proving to be a bit of a hit, as players can already play a big portion of it since Microsoft and 343 Industries launched the title’s multiplayer component early. While some have been quite angry at its monetization and stingy unlock system, the multiplayer has generally been received well by its players.

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