‘God’s Time’ Trailer Invites You on an Insane and Unpredictable Ride [Exclusive]

The movie premieres on February 24.

There are certain trailers that give you a pretty good picture of the movie you’re going to watch. Others are perfect to convey what the vibe of a movie is going to feel like. And then there are trailers like the one for God’s Time. Today, IFC Films shared exclusively with Collider the frantic look at the movie along with the release date: It will premiere simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, some select cities, and on VOD platforms on February 24. And we can now show you the see-it-to-believe-it trailer.

The God’s Time trailer is the best kind of trailer because, at the same time that it hypes you up to watch it and provides a bit of information about the story, it’s incredibly unpredictable and suggests the movie will follow the same path. Fourth-wall breaking, changes in visual style, dark humor, and even a commercial that pops out of nowhere sell God’s Time as a wild adventure in which anything can happen at any given time.


God’s Time Trailer Looks Like an Organized Mess

At the same time, it feels like the trailer’s choices aren’t made at random. The story of God’s Time centers around a trio of recovering addicts who are trying their best not to relapse, and the apparent nonsensical structure of the movie may be a way of conveying how the state of mind of a person can get while they’re going through withdrawal.

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We Need To Watch God’s Time Before it Becomes Cool

God’s Time is Daniel Antebi‘s feature directorial debut, and it certainly looks like the movie has the stuff to become “that indie film” that launches a successful career and is forever referenced by fans. The Mexican filmmaker also wrote the script, and his work in his freshman movie has already earned him praise. God’s Time had an early screening at last year at Tribeca Film Festival where it was nominated for the Founder’s Award in the Best U.S. Narrative Feature category.

The movie’s run in Tribeca also earned star Liz Caribel (The Idol) the Best Performance — Special Jury Mention award at Tribeca. She plays a woman who’s hellbent on killing her ex-boyfriend, and that’s what prompts Dev (Ben Groh) and Luca (Dion Costelloe) to go on a trip searching for her before she does something she may regret.

God’s Time premieres in New York, Los Angeles, some select cities, and on VOD platforms on February 24. You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Best friends and recovering addicts Dev (Ben Groh) and Luca (Dion Costelloe) are secretly in love with fellow addict Regina (Liz Caribel Sierra). At every meeting they hear her share her wild fantasy to kill her evil ex-boyfriend. But one day she changes her share; now she sounds serious. This sets Dev and Luca off on a 24-hour odyssey through pandemic-gripped New York City to stop Regina from making a life-shattering mistake. As their friendship is pushed to the brink, Dev and Luca realize their bond is unbreakable in this kinetic, vibrant debut from writer and director Daniel Antebi.

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