Finally, ‘Titans’ Gave Gar Something to Do

Ever since the show began, Titans has struggled to figure out what to do with Gar Logan (Ryan Potter). Every season he’s been sidelined in favor of the other core characters: Dick (Brenton Thwaites), Kory (Anna Diop), and Rachel (Teagan Croft). While he’s had a few stand-out episodes that focus more on him as an individual character (Like Season 1’s “Doom Patrol” and Season 2’s “Atonement”), Titans has never given him a season-long arc of his own, let alone one that connects to and ties into the main plot. But in Season 4, Gar is finally getting his own story, and it looks like it’s going to be very important as the season progresses.


During the Titans’ visit to S.T.A.R. Labs during the Season 4 premier, Gar experienced a strange vision of a barren desert under a red sky while testing out his new costume. The only distinct feature of this place was a dead tree decorated with offerings of animal bones. When the vision ended, Gar discovered that he’d transformed into multiple different animals and destroyed the Morphology Lab despite having no memory of doing so. Over the course of the next few episodes, Gar continued to hear voices calling to him, and eventually brought Rachel into his vision to help him figure out what was going on. During this shared vision, he realized the voices were trying to warn him of an impending catastrophe. In the most recent episode, “Inside Man,” Gar asked the team’s current magic expert Jinx (Lisa Ambalavanar) for her opinion on his visions. Jinx informed him that he was seeing a place called The Red, “a place of great power and mystery,” but chastised him for trying to understand it and instead encouraged him to “go in blind and figure it out.” Their conversation was cut short before they could discuss the topic further, but it has set Gar on a trajectory of exploration that could lead to the discovery of new powers and responsibilities by the end of the season.

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What is The Red?

In DC’s comics universe, The Red is the source of power for many heroes with animal-based abilities, including several versions of Gar as Beast Boy. It originated in Grant Morrison’s Animal Man run in the ’80s as a morphogenetic field that connects all animal life and microorganisms. The Red is often associated with The Green, a similar force that connects all plant life and is used and protected by characters like Poison Ivy and the Swamp Thing. Other forces exist as well, like The Clear, which is connected to all aquatic life, and The Gray, which is connected to all fungal life.

The fact that Gar is developing a stronger connection to the metaphysical source of his powers indicates that his abilities will likely play a significant role in what’s to come later this season. He’s spent what little development Titans has given him so far slowly learning to overcome his fear of his powers, so he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to experiment with them. If he pushes further into The Red, it’s possible he could start to gain more control over his powers and find more ways to use them to help the team. He’s already begun to do this as of the episode “Inside Man,” when he transformed into a virus to cure Conner (Joshua Orpin) of the curse that allowed Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente) to control him. It seems likely that we’ll see more of Gar using his powers in new ways to help the team as we enter the second half of the season. It’s also a distinct possibility that he could become Avatar of The Red (like Swamp Thing is for The Green), and extend his powers beyond just shape-shifting into animals.

Gar Has the Potential to Be a Leader

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Gar’s powers aren’t the only things having a glow up this season. While Gar has always been effective in a supporting role on the Titans, it seems like he’s beginning to take after Dick and growing into a leadership role. In “Mother Mayhem,” he takes the initiative to turn Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo) away from the scene of a gruesome murder and search the rest of the house while Dick investigates the body. In “Inside Man,” he convinces Dick to let him take the risk to turn into a virus to save Conner even though he doesn’t know how he’ll get out yet, because that’s what Dick would do. And he’s actively taking part in training Tim to be one of the Titans, helping to teach him combat and stealth skills that Tim will need if he’s going to become the next Robin.

Given the absence of the older iteration of the Titans this season, it makes sense for Gar to step up into a more prominent role in the team. He can pass along the wisdom and training he got from Dick, Dawn (Minka Kelly), Hank (Alan Ritchson), and Donna (Conor Leslie) in the earlier seasons to Conner, Tim, and any other new Titans the team might pick up in the future. It’s even possible that they could be setting him up to step up and lead the Titans if Dick were to ever retire or be incapacitated. Gar has always been one of the most dedicated members of the team, which he demonstrated all the way back in the Season 2 episode “Atonement,” when he was the only one to stay at the Tower and keep watch over the sleeping Conner. While there are no signs of Dick leaving any time soon, Season 4 is making a strong argument that Gar would be the most qualified to step up in his place should the need arise.

It’s Finally Gar’s Time to Shine


Both arcs complement each other, demonstrating the ways that Gar has grown over the course of the show with more care and focus than he’s ever been afforded before. Not only that, but their direct connection to the events of the main plot mean that Gar is getting a chance to contribute more than he ever has. The prospect of seeing more of Gar as an active character and not just being dragged around by heroes and villains alike is an exciting one. As a founding member of the show’s team and an iconic and fan favorite character in his own right, Titans has done Gar Logan dirty, and it’s about time he gets to stand in spotlight.

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