Doctor Who: Which Pokémon Type Each Doctor Would Use

In the world of Pokémon, a trainer’s choice of Pokémon says a lot about their personality. Apart from the player character, trainers tend to fall into categories – gym leaders with specific types, bug collectors, criminals with Poison and Dark types, and more.

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Likewise, one of the defining facets of the Doctors from Doctor Whois their diversity of personalities. From the imperious, authoritative types, to the dorky, happy-go-lucky types, each incarnation is defined by their own idiosyncrasies. If the Doctors ever met a kindly Pokémon Professor, these are the Pokémon types they may gravitate towards.


William Hartnell – Dragon

Dragons: mystical, unfathomable elders. Their origins a mystery, their power unmeasurable to human beings. The 1st Doctor was presented in much the same way – no-one knew where he came from or what he sought in life. He was an old, wise gentleman with authoritative power and moral purpose – perfect, then, for a Dragon trainer, perhaps even an Elite Four champion.

However, not all dragons are terrifying – some are cute and cuddly. This echoes the 1st Doctor, who softened over his era into a kindly, anarchic man. A Pokémon like Drampa best represents this dichotomy, with his other picks being creatures like Salamence, Reshiram, and Kommo-o.

Patrick Troughton – Bug

Bug type trainers tend to be diminutive, unassuming, and easily mocked. Underestimated by his enemies, the 2nd Doctor is similarly a fragile and weak sort until he turns the tables and reveals his inner power. It’s rather like the emergence of a powerful Bug from its middle-stage cocoon.

Blipbug would probably be his favorite, as it resembles him (note the bowtie). Shuckle would represent his defensive hiding, Kricketune his “musical” love of his recorder, and Volcarona the phoenix-like manner in which he returned from the dead on Mondas.

Jon Pertwee – Fighting

The 3rd Doctor, a tall, imposing figure, was the first to spontaneously bust out Venusian aikido. This interplanetary code of martial arts aims to disarm, not harm. Fighting types are associated with heroism in Japan, and the 3rd Doctor’s creed snugly fits this milieu.

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Hisuian Decidueye represents ronin-like combat; Meditite, a psychic-infused intellectual sort of combat; and Mienshao, graceful kung fu. However, as a Doctor attracted to sword fighting and chivalry, though, his primary choice would have to be the leek knight Sirfetch’d.

Tom Baker – Electric

While it’s tempting to take his “oh look – rocks!” shout in ‘Destiny of the Daleks’ as justification for him to be a Rock-type trainer, consider his dynamic, electrifying presence. A constantly moving Doctor who is afraid of being grounded on Earth, as his prior incarnation was, echoes the Electric type’s sole weakness to Ground.

In Morpeko, we find his ability to change on a dime from affable to frightening; in Boltund, his intense speed and dogged loyalty to his friends; in Stunfisk, his goofiness belying great power; and in Mega Ampharos, whose gorgeous locks flow to the ground like the Doctor’s scarf, a sense of dignity despite outward goofiness.

Peter Davison – Grass

An Appletun a day keeps the Doctor away. A lover of cricket, rural English fields, and the sedate Eye of Orion, the 5th Doctor is a natural fit for Grass types. Their beautiful tranquility fits his open-minded, easygoing personality.

Roselia is the sort of vegetable he’d attach to his lapels, but other Grass types that’d tickle his fancy are the charmingly bowtied Rowlet, the blooming Cherrim, and the majestic, seasonally decorated Sawsbuck.

Colin Baker – Poison

The 6th Doctor began as an unsettling, unpredictable man, with an air of toxicity that his friends had to tolerate in order to love him. Poison type Pokémon are similarly associated with criminal organizations in the world of Pokémon. Yet both of these are unwilling perceptions, as Poison types can be lovable behind the sludge, just like the 6th Doctor.

Garbodor, the cutest ugly Pokémon, is as hard to love as this Doctor – though they both deserve that love. Toxtricity mirrors his dynamism, Galarian Weezing his gentlemanly status, and Alolan Muk his proudly brash multicolored coat.

Sylvester McCoy – Psychic

The chess-master himself, this most intellectual and manipulative of Doctors is sure to be a Psychic type trainer. Just as Psychic types stay still in order to perform incredible mental feats, the 7th Doctor flits in the margins of the narrative of his stories, influencing events without often taking direct action.

Having said that, the 7th Doctor took a while to mature into this figure, at first being quite affable and silly. With that in mind, his powerful Psychic Pokémon may be similar. Slowking, who takes a while to get going but is remarkably brainy; Wobbuffet, who hides its true self (its tail); Alakazam, a lover of spoons like this Doctor; and Mr. Rime, the Chaplinesque performer who is a dead ringer for 7’s misdirection and sleight of hand.

Paul McGann – Ghost

A Byronic figure, the 8th Doctor is a melancholic incarnation whose debut is suffocated in death. He’s the sort of Doctor who would spend time at the burial tower in Lavender Town, reminiscing about all those lost and befriending Ghosts.

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Mismagius’ witchy vibe is an obvious fit for his Byronic air. Cofagrigus, as a moving coffin, represents his Frankenstein-esque rise from the dead. Lastly, on a lighter note, Polteageist showcases his very British love of tea.

Christoper Eccleston – Dark

Christopher Eccleston looks a bit like Imidimp, no? Anyway, the broader synergy here is that the war-scarred 9th Doctor is about as Dark as any of these incarnations have ever been.

He’s the sort of Doctor who’d hang around with the cooler than average Alolan Meowth, or Zoroark with its hidden depths and sneakiness, or Houndoom with its hellish fire. Thievul’s Guy Fawkes aesthetic fits the Doctor’s rebellious Britishness, Scrafty his rare silliness, and Absol his status as a misunderstood portent of doom.

David Tennant – Fire

A confident, perhaps arrogant, incarnation, the 10th Doctor would gravitate towards the blazing power of the Fire type. As Tim Latimer says in ‘The Family of Blood’: “He’s like ice and fire and rage”.

Galarian Darmanitan, being literally Ice and Fire type, is 10’s most obvious partner. He’d also likely pick Ninetales for a shared ability to keep cheating death – nine hands, perhaps. Cinderace would fit his energetic athleticism, and Infernape his defiant power.

Matt Smith – Fairy

The tiny tricksters of the Pokémon world, Fairy types match the 11th Doctor’s oddball, manic energy and his crafty ability to destroy his enemies. What may look cute and dopey at first can hide a vicious power capable of taking down Dragons – or entire armies of Daleks and Cybermen.

Whimsicott’s chaotic, prankish energy, Ribombee’s cutesy elegance, Klefki’s distractable love of shiny things, and Jigglypuff’s lack of self-awareness all fit here. Above all, Slurpuff and Alcremie’s sugary goodness would most appeal to a man who loves fish fingers and custard.

Peter Capaldi – Ice

Breaking the ice with the 12th Doctor was difficult. It was hard when that meant finding the softer kindness behind the casually cruel, harder edge of this incarnation. It was even harder when he punched a wall of ice for generations to save his loved ones.

In their duality of chilled dispassion and serene grace, Ice types fit 12 like a winter glove. Beartic, who somewhat resembles him, Eiscue, whose hard exterior hides a cute interior, and Walrein, an elder gentleman, are likely picks. However, Delibird would not only represent his gift giving generosity (e.g. to Bill and Missy), but that time he literally met Santa.

Jodie Whittaker – Flying

The most recent Doctor is a flighty sort. Light, a bit air-headed, and lovably earnest, but so elusive that anyone who tries to get close to her will see her retreat to unreachable skies.

Making up her party would be the cloudy, fluffy Altaria; Skarmory, for her engineering usage of Sheffield steel; Oricorio, for hercolorfulattire; Chatot, for her hyper-speed chattiness; and Vespiquen, simply because she is a queen.

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