‘Butter’ Trailer Reveals Anti-Bully Drama Starring Mira Sorvino

The official trailer for Butter debuted on the Blue Fox Entertainment YouTube channel. “Butter” is the nickname of the titular character, an obese teenager who yearns to make friends with and feel accepted by the other kids at school. He’s got a lot going for him between his good sense of humor and his musical talents on the saxophone, but the fact that he can’t see past his own weight means he doesn’t have the confidence to reach out and try to make friends with those around him (aside from the popular girl he woos online by pretending to be a jock from a rival school, that is).

One day, when the bullying and isolation become too much, Butter hatches a plan: he starts a website where he announces to the world that he will eat his final meal on New Year’s Eve – and he will continue stuffing his face until it literally kills him. Because this is a fictional movie universe, nobody steps in and puts him in the hospital on a psychiatric hold until professionals can intervene and help him with both his weight and his mental health struggles; instead, rumors of his stunt spread by word of mouth and – magically – he becomes the most popular kid in school.

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In the trailer, there’s a fun, comedic montage of Butter and his new friends engaging in wacky hijinks as he crosses items off his personal bucket list. But as the clock ticks closer and closer to New Year’s Eve, the fun he’s having with his new friends makes Butter start to get cold feet about ending his life. Given the fact that it’s a PG-13 movie with a two-minute trailer that takes a very light-hearted, irreverent look at obesity, bullying, and finding acceptance during some of the most tumultuous years of a young person’s life, we don’t need a Magic 8-Ball to predict this will have an equally irreverent, saccharinely-sweet happy ending. But it sure would be nice if the movie threw a curveball and surprised us.

Butter stars Mira Sorvino, Alex Kersting, Mykelti Willliamson, and Brian Van Holt, among many other talented actors. The movie has already won multiple indie film festival awards, and premieres exclusively in theaters February 25, 2022. Check out the trailer for yourself below.

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