AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative Trailer Details Weird Story

A new story trailer for Spike Chunsoft Inc.’s AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative has been released, giving fans a look at the story they’ll be exploring when the game launches on June 24, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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The latest trailer for the sequel to 2019’s AI: The Somnium Files continues the story from the original game, taking place in an advanced, near-future version of Tokyo. The game also includes various characters from the first, including the fan-favorite Mizuki, who stars as a protagonist. You can check out the trailer for AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative below.

Alongside the trailer, writer Kotaro Uchikoshi also shared some thoughts on the upcoming game on Spike Chunsoft Inc.’s website. In a brief message, Uhcikoshi promised that Mizuki would have a “huge role” in the sequel and that various characters from the first game, including Iris, Ota, Mama, and Moma, will be reappearing.

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“First, to the fans of AI1. Mizuki will have a huge role in this sequel,” said Uchikoshi. “Iris, Ota, Mama, and Moma will of course reappear as well, and the energy of the previous title is still alive and well. If you liked AI1, then you’ll for sure be satisfied with the sequel. It was thanks to the fans that the sequel was able to be made. Thank you so much!”

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