The Best Gadgets for Music Lovers in 2023

JBL, Bang & Olufsen, Harman Kardon are just a few companies that have released modern devices for music lovers. All of them are great if you want to listen to your favorite artist while playing via a Vave login site, having a party, or working out. All that remains is to decide which models are the most relevant for you.

JBL PartyBox Encore

Fill your space with sound with a portable audio system specially designed to set the perfect party mood. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of playback time to enjoy your favorite tracks without interruption. It’s also IP67 waterproof.

Together with the backlighting, which is customizable, the device rewrites the standards for the look and feel of portable audio systems. The sound reaches 100 watts of power, the device easily connects to any wireless audio source, supports USB and connects anything. A microphone is included.

JBL PartyBox 100

A portable audio monster that pumps up to 160 watts of sound and colors your party with dynamic lighting that changes to the beat of the music. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of battery life — if that’s not enough, you can plug it in for uninterrupted playback.

The audio system fills your space with all kinds of music, which can be sourced from any Bluetooth device. USB and other connection methods are also supported. If one device isn’t enough power, you can always connect an additional device.

B&O Beoplay EX Lunar Red TWS Headphones

A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an incredible musical journey with a limited edition TWS headphone collection created in honor of the Lunar New Year. It combines rich shades of Lunar Red, Jade Green and Gold. Impeccable style is complemented by a comfortable fit.

The headphones give you control over your listening environment with active noise modulation and transparency mode. Powerful sound with unparalleled detail that transcends the size of the headphones, revealing your favorite music in a new way. There’s IP57 protection against moisture.

Nothing Ear Wireless Headphones (2)

A successful combo of modern technology and sleek design — the new version of the popular Nothing in-ear headphones. The model supports active noise canceling technology and effectively fights with ambient sounds. It plays great and reveals your favorite tracks in a new way.

Together with the case, the battery life of the headphones reaches 36 hours. At the same time, another 8 hours can be obtained after just 10 minutes of connection to a constant power source. But the most important thing in this case is the appearance: the model has a translucent case that instantly attracts attention.

Stylish B&O Beolit 20 Jade Green Loudspeaker

A stylish audio system that skillfully combines exciting shades of jade green, moon red and classic gold. It’s a unique design solution, but it guarantees not only visual pleasure but also delightful sound — your favorite music from the device spreads 360º.

Among other things, Qi wireless charging is built into the upper panel of the audio system — it allows you to fill your favorite smartphone with energy right during music playback. By the way, if its volume isn’t enough, one audio system can be connected to another one.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 8

A successful symbiosis of unrivaled sound quality and impeccably stylish looks. The audio system delivers deep, detailed sound that fills a room of almost any size. It can also be used for conference calls, so it’s not just for parties, but also for work.

The body of the audio system is made of premium materials. The carrying handle is made of smooth anodized aluminum. It’s easy to carry from place to place. It immediately attracts attention and becomes the center of attraction. It automatically analyzes the space and calibrates its sound to it.

HAKII MIX Headband

It’s a revolutionary combination of comfort and functionality. This comfortable sports headband acts as a high-quality wireless headphones. With the help of such a device, you will be able to fill your workouts with your favorite music compositions regardless of the intensity of specific exercises.

These special headphones are suitable not only for training, but also for walking, hiking and trekking. There is space for playback control buttons on the body, so you can switch tracks without taking your smartphone out of your pocket, backpack, or bag. You can also use any other Bluetooth device as a source.

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