Shopping for Contemporary Furniture? Here are The Different Types You Should Know About

As a homeowner, you can choose from different furniture styles depending on your preferences and the look and feel you are going for. One of these styles is the contemporary style which encompasses different elements that emerged in the 20th century and that have continued to evolve. Their distinct features include clean lines, a focus on functionality and minimalist designs. If you are shopping for furniture for a new home or a redesign, here are the contemporary furniture types you should know about.

Mid-century Modern Style

The mid-century modern style dates back to the mid-20th century. It is characterised by organic forms, clean lines and natural materials. Other materials used for the mid-century furniture style include metal plastic and moulded plywood.It is inspired by the Bauhaus and Art Deco movements that were popular from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Minimalist Contemporary Styles

The theme of minimalist styles is simplicity, uncluttered spaces and clean lines and these principles also apply to minimalist contemporary furniture. Contemporary furniture designers using a minimalist style break down furniture designs into their bare and essential forms to create a sense of tranquillity, flow and openness.

Furniture designs that follow this style use clutter-free designs, smooth surfaces and neutral colours. It is common to find contemporary furniture and accompanying accessories that use modern materials like plastic, glass and metal.

Contemporary Classic Styles

This style combines classic elements with contemporary aesthetics. It often incorporates traditional materials like luxurious fabrics and rich woods and gives them a modern twist to fit into a modern aesthetic.

Furniture made following this style features elegant and timeless designs that are made to blend seamlessly into contemporary spaces. Because of how versatile this style is, it is quite popular with lovers of the whole contemporary aesthetic. If you love the style, you can check out the exclusive selection of premium contemporary furniture from Ligne Roset UK designed by leading designers from all over the world.


The retro contemporary style follows design elements from and is inspired by 50s, 60s and 70s designs. It is characterised by vintage design elements that were popular at the time, including retro-inspired shapes, bold patterns, geometric patterns and bright, bold colours.

Retro furniture is an excellent option for those nostalgic about the designs of the eras it is inspired by and who want to add a playful touch to a contemporary space.

Natural and Organic Styles

These styles emphasise the use of organic forms and natural materials. People who love this style say they do because it celebrates the beauty of earthy colours, stone textures, and wood grains. This design style often incorporates elements like live-edge details, curved lines and handcrafted pieces.


As the name suggests, this furniture style draws inspiration from industrial and factory spaces and settings. It is easy to recognise because it features raw and unfinished aesthetics and uses materials like concrete, exposed brick, reclaimed wood and metal.The industrial furniture style also includes vintage and salvaged items, distressed finishes and metal frames.

The beauty of contemporary furniture designs is that each style is different and shows its ability to adapt and blend influences from the eras it was born. These influences result in a diverse range of evolving and distinct styles that are different but still fall under the contemporary design umbrella.

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