My SEO agency won’t provide me with any case studies; should I look elsewhere?

In our modern digital age when anyone can become an “overnight expert”, it’s difficult to know who you can reliably invest your money in – especially when it comes to SEO and the online marketing of your business.

That said, there are many ways that you can effectively separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. One such method is shopping around on reputation and results and asking for real life case studies.

The question is: What do you do if your SEO agency refuses to provide you with any? Should you look elsewhere?

Let’s find out!

There’s no good reason not to share case studies

It’s as simple as this: there is no good reason for an SEO agency not to share case studies – unless of course they don’t have any.

If you have asked for some case studies and your SEO agency is flat out refusing, you have to ask why?

If they say something along the lines of: “We need to respect our clients’ privacy”, then they are likely lying to you.

The fact is, 90% of business owners will be more than happy for their SEO agency to use them as a case study if they have achieved superior results for them.

Let’s be honest: if your SEO agency took your business to the next level and you were absolutely crushing it and making tons of money, you’d be more than happy to help them out in return, wouldn’t you?

So, in this case, the reality is that your SEO agency likely doesn’t have any case studies… but, is that the be all and end all?

5* reviews and client testimonials are valuable

On the other hand, your prospective SEO agency might not have any case studies because they prefer to rely on 5* reviews and client testimonials.

So, in this case, if they don’t have any case studies but will gladly put you in contact with some of their satisfied clients, this is a fair compromise.

However, if they don’t have any case studies to offer, nor do they have much social proof or any clients willing to speak with you, you are far better off looking for an alternative.

Your SEO agency could be new – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Your SEO agency might not have any case studies to share with you because they are small business and relatively new to the industry. While this doesn’t mean that they are incapable of achieving excellent results for you, you are under no obligation to put all of your faith in them.

In this case, it largely comes down to you. Do you want to give them a chance? Or would you rather not risk it and invest your money in a well-established SEO agency instead?

The choice is yours.

Final thoughts: Minimise your risk

Search engine optimization is never a sure thing. It’s highly complicated and even more competitive and as such, you should minimise your risk and invest in an agency that has the proof to support their capabilities.

Take this SEO in Brisbane as an example: loads of 5-star reviews, oodles of social proof, and a wealth of real life case studies ready for you to peruse.

It certainly makes you feel more confident, doesn’t it?

Again, you can hire a less established SEO agency and still experience very good results with your online marketing. However, unless you can see evidence of their successes, you are shopping on blind faith – which comes with an element of risk.

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