Best Mind-Bending Movies about Mental Asylum

The epitome of human evolution is the complexity of the human mind. However, what if your mind betrays you? From being your ally to becoming your worst enemy, the journey is unpredictable and it will test you in the worst possible way.

The stigma attached to mental illness was fostered to push mental health patients into isolation. Back in the 5th century, these isolated mental health chambers would house people facing mental health issues. With extreme methods of treatment and isolated chambers, the curiosity of the public turned into fascination. People would write stories about mad houses for entrainment. Soon after, filmmakers started using the motion picture platform for telling these gruesome stories. These movies were not only able to raise awareness but also made big bucks.

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Best Mind-Bending Movies about Mental Asylum

Although there are so many movies about mental health issues, most movies misrepresent living conditions in mental health asylum.

In case you need to know about the evolution of the traditional mental asylum and its history, here are some movies you need to watch. 

1-   Shutter Island

Release: 2010

Runtime: 2hr 18min

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Available on: Netflix and Amazon Prime

Synopsis: Two US marshals are sent to a remote island to undercover an astounding truth about the place, but things get complicated when manipulation comes to play.

If you like thriller movies with complex plots,Shutter Island will become your new favorite. A masterpiece starring two of the giant in the industry, the movie offers a very complex plot that gets the viewer hooked. The movie also offers a unique perspective on mental health illness, and schizophrenia without loosing grip over the plot.

Shutter Island is the story of two exceptionally gifted US marshals, who try to unravel the strange events happening on a remote island, but things take a dark turn when their sanity is tested in multiple ways. The story is so twisted that it makes the viewer question the plot and leave pondering.

2-   God’s Crooked Lines

Release: 2022

Runtime: 2hr 34min

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Available on: Netflix

Synopsis: A private investigator mastered in deception and lies enters a mental asylum to uncover the story behind the murder but ends up questioning his sanity.

A tale of passion turns into the question, this movie is the epitome of an enigma. Right from the beginning to the end, the plot is so strong that you will never be able to differentiate between right and wrong. God’s Crooked Lines is very cleverly constructed in the grey area that proceeds throughout the movie, leaving the viewers in confusion.

The plot of the story is based on a private investigator who gets hired to solve an old murder mystery that occurred in the asylum navigating. Driving clues from her daily life, she has to figure out details about the murder. However, soon the protagonist is left in limbo questioning her sanity.

3-   Stone Heart Asylum

Release: 2014

Runtime: 1hr 52min

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Available on: Amazon prime 

Synopsis: A newly recruited doctor at mental health institute notices an absurd behavioral pattern among the caregivers in the institute, and decides to get to the root of the issue.

A perfect example of love budding in anomalousplaces, Stone Heart Asylum is a mix of romance and horror. The movie is so intricately woven that viewers will drown in its flow. However, there are so many twists and turns that missing out a few minutes, or even seconds will make you lose the track of the story. This is the main reason; the movie keeps the viewers hooked until the end.

The story revolves around a doctor with exceptional credentials, recruited at a mental health asylum. However, he soon notices a pattern of behavior among the staff managers in the asylum leading him to a very astounding discovery.

4-   Awakening

Release: 1990

Runtime: 2hr 1min

Genre: Drama, History, Psychology

Available on: Netflix

Synopsis: A new doctor recruited at a mental health, and neurology department takes care of catatonic patients and discovers a cure.

Based on real-life events, the story offers a very rare side of experimental and trial-based medication in mental health institutes. Perfectly scripted with detailed accounts of the event, this is a must-watch for every psychology student.

Awakening is the story of a neurologist who gets to take care of catatonic patients and tries a miraculous drug that brings them back to life. However, things become challenging when the short-lived response fades away and side effect kicks in.

5-   Girl Interrupted

Release: 1999

Runtime: 2hr 7min

Genre: Drama, Psychology, Fiction

Available on: Netflix

Synopsis: A troubled teenager gets admitted to mental health institute after a suicide attempt only to befriend everyone, learns new things, and learns to defeat depression.

A rather brutal and courageous attempt to highlight the sensitive suicide topic; this is a digital masterpiece of the late 90s. The movie is a very personal take on what goes inside mental health institutes, and how it changes the lives of people for good.

The story revolves around a young woman who attempts suicide and is admitted to the mental health institute for treatment. As she figures out a way to live under intense examining eyes, she befriends a fellow patient.

Wrap Up

Mental health has been a fascinating topic for a very long time. These movies offer a unique yet rare peek into what goes on in the mental health asylum, and the inhuman treatment carried out by professionals in these institutes.

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