Economy should be out of the woods in 6 months: Venu Srinivasan – ET Auto

The Indian economy should be “out of the woods” by the next six months because of a good monsoon and better control over Covid infections, Venu Srinivasan, chairman of TVS Motor Company has said.

Srinivasan said he believed the third wave of the pandemic would be mild, without many hospitalisations, and that by January next year, the country would know how to live with it. “

By January the pandemic will be behind us as we will know how to live with it and it will become not much different from swine flu, dengue or similar fevers,” TOI reported him as saying.

Srinivasan also said the two-wheeler sector is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic as the people it caters to have still not recovered.

“The two wheeler is a common man product and is bought mostly by those who earn less than Rs 15,000 a month with a discretionary spend of around Rs 1,000-2,000 per month,” he said.

Hawkers and those who run tea shops and small eateries have been far more affected by the pandemic, and they are yet to bounce back, Srinivasan said.

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